Meta Words Get You Traction Marketing Online

Much has been written about the importance of sprucing up your site with Meta words, and Meta tags (which I will talk about in a future article) so that you can earn a higher ranking in the search engine. You need to create an elaborate and comprehensive strategy, and put it to work. Therefore the combination of words you use must be thought through correctly and decisively so when someone is searching for what you offer the Meta words will draw them into your site.

To some reading this article the term Meta words may seem a bit difficult but in reality they are not that difficult to come up with or create. One of the easiest ways to draw up a list of potential Meta words to use on your site or landing page is to visit other people’s sites that are similar. Once on the site-click on view source in the tool bar and you will see all the Meta words the site you are viewing is using to get traction with the search engines. While this is a reasonable strategy to get you started, you don’t want to stop there, what I mean is you don’t want to depend on that type of research. After all, if you only use what the other sites use than your putting yourself in the same pool as them, and if the site has more traction than yours it will receive precedence. You need to come up with words that differentiate you from the rest, not become just a copy cat. When you are perceived as offering the same type of services as everyone else, you have to contend with price competition, and that’s a losing game for the online entrepreneur.

So, how can you draw up your own effective list of effective words?

Where else the World Wide Web, there are many different sites available that can help you gather all the words you need, just make sure that they fit the style of your site, and the market you want to relate too. Once you’ve assembled about 15 or 20 keywords and phrases go to your favorite search engine and plug them into the search bar and see what comes up under those words. Now on occasion go back to the search engine and add a few words at a time and see how your site ranks, and hopefully you will see that your site will be moving up the ranks in the search engine.

Now what you want to do is start submitting your site to the various different search engines out there to get exposure. Doing this may take some time because every search engine has its own set of criteria and rules for you to follow, some sites may have you fill out a formal submission application. In my experience marketing online I only had to submit an application once or twice so don’t get discouraged

Don’t make the mistake of overloading your site with unnecessary repetition, some sites discourage this activity and may consider you’re abusing the keyword process. Keep it simple use appropriate words and expressions that convey the theme of your site, display them properly at the top of the page as headers-and sub topics, and your ranking in the search engine will increase substantially. Good luck with your site, and enjoy the wealth of marketing online!

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