New Property is More Advantageous to Buy Than Resale Property

Since not everyone is wealthy enough to buy property with an outright cash payment, the price of property is a major issue to be taken into account when one considers buying a property. Most of the time, property is bought through availing housing loan from banks or private finance companies. As this is so, prospective property purchasers tend to seek out the best property deals available in the market before making their purchases, comparing between new properties and resale ones. In many cases, buying a new property has its advantages over buying a resale property albeit its higher initial cost.

In the past, only the rich and famous had the ability to afford luxurious properties, but today, it is no longer so. With the increase in willingness of banks to grant loans to those with steady income and repaying capability, owning a comfortable home is no longer just an unattainable dream for everyone. Today, just about anyone can own a decent good new property if the above conditions are met.

One of the main advantages of buying a new property over a resale property is the time and money that one can save on in improving the interior as well as the exterior design of the property. As new properties tend to be designed to fit modern standards, owners of new properties need not fork out extra cash on renovations and alterations, which are extra expenditure for resale property owners. In addition, purchasers of new properties will not have to put up with the hassles of dealing with contractors fixing problems such as leakages, repair and replacement of defective fittings which tends to come along with older resale properties. In the long run, these repair costs can accumulate to a rather huge amount which is an obvious disadvantage of owning resale properties.

With all the extra cost incurred through renovations and repairs, together with all the unnecessary hassles one have to put up with, this makes the purchase of resale properties not as valuable for money as it initially seems. So why put ourselves through all these needless headaches when we can pamper ourselves with quality living by just spending a little more?

As for the condominium property sector, a new condo may be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that many resale condos do not offer, this gives new condos an edge over resale ones. A new condo, with luxurious clubhouses, full equipped gymnasium and other facilities such as playgrounds, outdoor dining area, jacuzzi, swimming pools, bundled along with cozy bedrooms, elegant bathrooms and functionally designed kitchen, will definitely gives more value for money and benefits for the owner as compared to owning a resale condo with lesser communal facilities.

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