Bathroom Corner Cabinets

Bathrooms are the rooms in the house that present the most difficult storage challenge. Single people that enjoy baths have trouble finding enough places to put all of their bath accessories. Couples have an even tougher time fitting both of their personal bath items behind the sink mirror, and families definitely need extra storage space besides the cabinet underneath the sink. If there is a free angle in the bathroom, take advantage of it with a bathroom corner cabinet which can add valuable space in an other wise crowded area of your home.

Couples and families need a place to store items like toilet paper, tissues, extra shampoo and conditioner, soap, towels, and if there are children their bath toys also need an out of the way storage space. Bathroom corner cabinets are a unique piece of furniture that will not work in every room but for the right space it can be the perfect solution to a storage problem. It is a huge space saver under the condition that there is a free angle to fit a piece of furniture in the room. Many bathrooms do not have a corner where a cabinet can fit because those corners are taken up by a toilet, a sink, or a shower. For the room that does have a free corner, a corner cabinet takes up much less space than a flat and wide one, and allows you to maximize the storage area in the room.

Bathroom cabinets are a great solution for that space that does have a free corner. It can provide just the right amount of storage and they can be so roomy inside that they take the place of a linen cabinet. They do not always have to go directly inside the bathroom, either. Many homes are built with the linen cabinets down the hall way from the bathroom. In apartment situations where there may not be a built in one, the cabinet can take it’s place in a free corner outside the bathroom. Because they fit neatly in the angle this type of cabinet does not stand out visually if it is a similar color to the walls or of a similar type of wood that is used throughout the space in other places.


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