Religion and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works if you believe in God or not. It works no matter who you believe God is. For some who follow The LOA, the Universe and all that is in it is God. The Divine energy is all things and has created all things and through this energy we continue to create and expand this force. There is no death or birth of a soul but a transition to and from physical. We can never be separated from this Divine force as we are small fragments of it, holographic images of the whole. There is no punishment, hell or damnation. There is no need for salvation from sin as we were born perfect and this world is perfect as it is.

That is a lot to digest if you are from a religious background. There is one divine source from which we all come. This source is the glue that binds us all together. It is the space that fills the Universe. It is the informational conduit that communicates to our souls. No matter what your religious preference is the energies around us are the mechanical cogs that get things done. This energy is how ‘God’ moves objects and circumstances to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. All of these processes are on autopilot. They coordinate across the vast expanse of space and time to bend to our will.

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? We set the events in our lives on their mark and let them go. You can keep your faith, but you must accept the responsibility for most of what happens to you. Your choice of thoughts direct the circumstances in your life. Have your faith in God, that’s wonderful, but try to grasp this concept with the eyes of a child; God is Love. Nothing else exists but Love, when you witness anything other than that, it is merely resistance to Love. Let go of the resistance and Love will bring the situation power. Lets look at it from a scientific stand point.

When you apply strong emotion to imagination it produces electrical and magnetic potential that runs through our bodies and moves within the fluids across the membranes of our cells.

This process creates a vibrational signature that moves out of the body into the environment.

(1) Professor Hans Jenny explains that the higher the frequency of vibration, which is generated by pleasant emotions, the greater the environmental influence. Not just within the proximal location where you stand but simultaneously through the universe as a whole.

This feeling you have just produced effects other energies, cells, and DNA everywhere that has the same vibrational signature.

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