Casino Bonus – A Way to Invite You to the Den

Physically traveling to casinos is no longer necessary for enjoying the thrill of the casinos. In fact online casinos have enough resources and are much evolved to make a player feel that he is participating in a real game. Playing online casino games are now very popular with companies charting out easy access to such games. In fact the software has a provision for explaining the methods of playing to the first timers.

To encourage people to join the casinos they have several offers for the players. Usually most online casinos offer a sign-up casino bonus for first time users who are making their deposits. These bonuses in fact serve as a form of marketing for the company. The casino gives away the money only in return for a commitment from the player to wager a certain minimum amount to ensure mutual trust. The wagering requirements ensure that the player does not walk away with the money. The casino bonus can be categorized as:


  1. Non cashable: Here the bonus is a part of the player’s balance however it cannot be enchased.
  2. Comp points: These points are usually exchanged for cash, prizes or other comps. The cash amount allowed per wager is usually small and varies with game selection.
  3. Bonus Hunting: It is an advantage gambling which allows profit making from casino or porker games a mathematical possibility.



Bathroom Corner Cabinets

Bathrooms are the rooms in the house that present the most difficult storage challenge. Single people that enjoy baths have trouble finding enough places to put all of their bath accessories. Couples have an even tougher time fitting both of their personal bath items behind the sink mirror, and families definitely need extra storage space besides the cabinet underneath the sink. If there is a free angle in the bathroom, take advantage of it with a bathroom corner cabinet which can add valuable space in an other wise crowded area of your home.

Couples and families need a place to store items like toilet paper, tissues, extra shampoo and conditioner, soap, towels, and if there are children their bath toys also need an out of the way storage space. Bathroom corner cabinets are a unique piece of furniture that will not work in every room but for the right space it can be the perfect solution to a storage problem. It is a huge space saver under the condition that there is a free angle to fit a piece of furniture in the room. Many bathrooms do not have a corner where a cabinet can fit because those corners are taken up by a toilet, a sink, or a shower. For the room that does have a free corner, a corner cabinet takes up much less space than a flat and wide one, and allows you to maximize the storage area in the room.

Bathroom cabinets are a great solution for that space that does have a free corner. It can provide just the right amount of storage and they can be so roomy inside that they take the place of a linen cabinet. They do not always have to go directly inside the bathroom, either. Many homes are built with the linen cabinets down the hall way from the bathroom. In apartment situations where there may not be a built in one, the cabinet can take it’s place in a free corner outside the bathroom. Because they fit neatly in the angle this type of cabinet does not stand out visually if it is a similar color to the walls or of a similar type of wood that is used throughout the space in other places.



Corner Furniture: Space Saver Furnishings With Innovative Functionality

Almost every furniture shops are offering corner furniture that are great looking. You can purchase the ready to assemble types or have one that’s custom-made to suit your preferences and purpose.

What I really liked best about these types of furniture is that they could easily fit right in a modern, traditional and even a minimalist living room style. Almost every home nowadays has a computer or a gaming console, along with these gadgets are of course the desks or organizers that are created and designed with the aim to save space. Hence, you can easily find the perfect corner furniture that you can utilize be it at home or in your office. You will find that there are more and more offices that are using modern corner desks for their computers. With these types of furnishing, you can now make use of a once dead space and bring life to it.

Furniture pieces that are created and designed purposely for corner spaces allows you to save floor areas whether at home or in your workstation. Gone are the days when furniture items built for corner spaces are seen as a space saver furnishing because today, most furniture manufacturers have gone an extra mile in creating stunning, versatile and very functional pieces. Furniture items that are built with “innovative functionality” are becoming more and more popular. You can find corner furniture pieces made from different materials such as plastic, wicker, rattan or hardwood. And they are available in great looking shapes, styles and designs.

Corner office furniture has now become not just a basic utility table but is rudimentary in order to maximize office space by utilizing furniture types that can fill in the edges and corners of every room hence they occupy less space compared to the traditional office tables. These styles of desks are as functional as the big ones, only they take up less space and has smart storage options with built -in shelves, ample sized drawers and filing cabinets.

The most basic and the most popular design used before for a corner desk is the L-shaped design. Today, you can choose the angled desk design that fits every corner of a room because they do not have the side extensions so it is the best choice for an office or home with a limited space.

If you are renting a pad, chances are you also have a very limited floor space. This is where corner vanity furniture would fit and benefit you a lot. You can choose the stand alone corner vanity that holds the mirror and the sink. It is very compact and will definitely sit well in the corner of your small bathroom. You can also opt for the wall mounted type so you could save on floor space.



Sun Tzu Art of War – Four Ways of Achieving Swift Victory

The purpose of raising such army is to achieve swift and decisive victory. If victory cannot be achieved quickly, weapons would be blunt and the army would also lose their fighting spirit. When they attacked city walls, they would be greatly exhausted. If the army is out on a military campaign for too long, the nation’s resources would be greatly depleted or exhausted. When the army is in a bad shape and the resources of the nation are exhausted, other neighboring warlords would capitalize on these weaknesses by launching an attack on us. Even if there are clever and capable strategists or advisor, it would not be able to reverse the situation. While blunders are known to occur during military operations, one has yet witness a successful military operations where there are long delays. No one has seen a military campaign where the longer the campaign, the more beneficial it is to the nation. – Sun Tzu Art of War, Chapter Two

The lines above indicates the importance of swift victory. If swift victory is not achieved, gradually more weaknesses would surface, like blunted weapons and decreasing fighting morale. The longer the military campaign, the lower the morale of soldiers, as they missed their home. The longer the campaign, the greater the cost to the nation, due to the daily costs. Besides incurring great expenses, accumulated through the campaign, the nation also risk having neighboring countries attacking it. And to stress how dire the situation of prolonged campaign could be, Sun Tzu said that, even the best strategist would not be able to reverse the situation.

In order to achieve swift victory, thus lessen the burden on the nation, Sun Tzu advocates the following in the next few lines of:

1) Plundering the resources of the enemy. In this way it weakens the enemy by exhausting their resources and the nation could save resources on transportation, equipments and so on.

2) Instill hatred for the enemies into his troop. This would raise the fighting morale of the troops.

3) Motivate his armies by promising material rewards, obtained from plundering and pillaging enemy’s resources.

4) Encourage risk taking by using immediate and noticeable rewards. This would excite and motivate the whole army, encouraging competition between the troops. Note that the two important words are ‘immediate’ and ‘noticeable’. If it is not immediate, soldiers would not be enticed to act on opportunity. As the saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth more than two in a bush. If it is not noticeable, the soldiers may think the reward is not worth the effort and the lack of the ‘envy’ factor in as well. People like to show off their merit, especially those that they worked hard for. So it is important that such reward is ‘noticeable’ both in the amount of it and the way it is presented to the receiver.



Swift DZire Car

The Maruti Suzuki Esteem had been a favourite on the Indian roads for long. But with time its popularity started fading away and Maruti Suzuki had to do something to maintain its market share. The car maker intelligently introduced the Swift DZire. This new car is the sedan version of the popular Swift hatchback and resembles it in most aspects. Let’s have a look at the features of the Swift DZire Car in this article.

The front fascia of the DZire looks very similar to that of the Swift. The rear, however, is completely different; it shares the looks of the Maruti SX4 sedan. The DZire is available in both BS III and BS IV variants. They are LXi, VXi, and ZXi (Petrol) and LDi, VDi, and ZDi (Diesel). All variants come with a host of advanced features that are high on safety too. By taking cues from the Swift hatchback, Maruti has saved a lot on design costs.

The petrol variants of the DZire come with a 1298cc 16-valve In-line 4 motor that spews out 83.8 bhp at 6000 rpm and a max torque of 113 Nm at 4500 rpm. The diesel variants are strapped with a 1248cc turbocharged DDiS engine that delivers 73.9 bhp at 4000 rpm and a peak torque of 190 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Compared to other cars in the segment, the Swift DZire has a low kerb weight. While petrol variants weigh around 1010-1035 kg, the diesel variants show 1090-1115 kg on the weighing scale. This low kerb weight directly translates into better performance. The gears are smooth and can be shifted with ease and accuracy.

On the whole, the DZire is a driver’s car delivering great ease and performance. The flashy chrome grille and sharp design headlights accentuate the premium looks of the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. Comapred to the Swift hatch, this sedan has larger doors and more massive window glass areas making the occupants feel the car is much more spacious than what it actually is.

The car’s trunk lid has been raised and it has a lip that merges with the car’s shoulder line. There’s a lot of chrome accentuation above the number plate at the rear which balances the heaviness of the extra-large trunk lid. The new clear-lens lighting adds a touch of sophistication to the sedan.

The car’s interiors are loaded with high-quality materials. The same steering wheel that features in the Swift and SX4 is carried in this sedan too. The instrument console that has round dials in chrome enclosures and features white backlight are a visual delight.

The high-end variants come with standard steering mounted controls for the music system and the new music system has been incorporated in the dashboard. The seating is very comfy with rear seat backrests angled at 27 degrees.

The VXi, ZXi, VDi, and ZDi variants have been fitted with an integrated audio system, tachometer, audible headlights-on reminder, cabin lights in the centre and front, vanity mirror, rear seat center armrest, and front electric power windows. The high-end variants, ZXi and ZDi come fully equipped with more safe and smart features like airbags, ABS with EBD, rear window defogger, adjustable tilt steering, and automatic climate control.



Earth’s Moon Reveals An Ancient Secret

The largest, shining object in Earth’s starlit night sky, our Moon has long been the source of mystery, myth, and poetry–a captivating inspiration for those who stare at the sky in wonder. But Earth’s Moon is a very real object–the only body beyond our own planet that we have actually set foot upon, leaving our lingering footprints in its distant, alien dust. Earth’s Moon has been with us almost from the very beginning, and even though it is our planet’s closest companion in space, it has nonetheless managed to keep some of its ancient secrets very well. In September 2015, astronomers released a new study that shed light on Earth’s bewitching companion’s ancient and secretive past. Although our Moon now appears to be unchanging, as if it has always been exactly the same as it appears now–going through its beautiful and, yet, familiar phases, and controlling our ocean tides–in the distant past, things were actually very different.

A billion years ago, our Moon was closer to Earth than it is now. As a result, it appeared to be a much larger object in the sky. During that ancient era, if human beings had been around to witness such a sight, it would have been possible to see the entire Moon–not merely the one near side face that we see now. A billion years ago, it took our Moon only twenty days to orbit our planet, and Earth’s own day was considerably shorter–only eighteen hours long. Stupendous, almost unimaginably enormous tides, that were more than a kilometer in height, would ebb and flow every few hours. However, things changed, as the lunar orbit around our primordial planet grew ever wider and wider. Annually, Earth’s Moon moves about 1.6 inches farther out into space. Currently, the lunar rate of rotation, as well as the time it takes to circle our planet, are the same.

There was a time when Earth had no Moon. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our ancient Solar System was still forming, the dark night sky above our primordial planet was moonless. At this time, the Earth was about 60 percent formed, although it did have a differentiated crust, mantle, and core. This was a very chaotic and violent era in our Solar System’s past, with planets first forming out of blobs of primordial dust, gas, and rock. During this era, frequently likened to a “cosmic shooting gallery”, collisions between the still-forming planets were commonplace. Orbits were not as orderly as they are now.

The most widely accepted scenario, explaining our Moon’s mysterious and ancient birth, is termed the Giant Impact Theory. According to this theory, Earth’s Moon was born as the result of a gigantic collision between our still-forming planet and a primordial Mars-sized protoplanet that has been named Theia. The tragedy that was the doomed Theia probably had an orbit that crossed Earth’s–making such a catastrophic collision difficult to avoid. It is thought that the impacting Theia hit our planet hard, but swiped it with a glancing blow at precisely the right angle. In fact, Theia came very close to bouncing off Earth, but was swallowed instead. The blast dispatched shock waves across our ancient planet, hurling debris and gas screaming into space. For a short time, Earth had a ring around it that was composed of this ejected material.


A Mysterious Poisonous Ice Cloud Haunts A Tortured Moon-World

Titan is a veiled, frigid moon-world, enshrouded beneath a thick orange hydrocarbon fog, as it circles its ringed-gas-giant parent-planet Saturn in the outer Solar System–far from the golden welcoming warmth of our Sun. Titan is a frozen world, like its icy sister-moons that orbit the gaseous, giant denizens of our Solar System’s outer limits: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Almost as big as Mars, Titan is both the largest moon of Saturn, as well as the second-largest moon in our Sun’s family–after Ganymede of Jupiter–and it certainly would have been classified as a planet if it orbited the Sun instead of Saturn. In October 2017, a team of astronomers with NASA’s Cassini mission announced that they found evidence of a bizarre, toxic hybrid cloud looming high above Titan’s south pole. This recent discovery is a new demonstration of the complex chemistry taking place in Titan’s alien, thick, orange atmosphere–in this case, cloud formation in the hydrocarbon-tormented moon’s stratosphere–and part of a group of processes that ultimately helps deliver a strange stew composed of diverse organic molecules to Titan’s odd surface.

Although this floating, wispy, and poisonous cloud is invisible to the human eye, it was successfully discovered at infrared wavelengths by the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS), aboard the Cassini spacecraft. The cloud haunts the sky of its oddball moon at an altitude of approximately 100 to 130 miles, high above the methane rain clouds that pelt Titan with large, heavy, and lazy drops of a drenching liquid hydrocarbon downpour. The toxic cloud lurks in Titan’s troposphere–the lowest region of its atmosphere–and it covers a large expanse near its south pole, from about 75 to 85 degrees south latitude.

“This cloud represents a new chemical formula of ice in Titan’s atmosphere. What’s interesting is that this cloud’s ice is made of two molecules that condensed together out of a rich mixture of gases at the south pole,” explained Dr. Carrie Anderson in an October 18, 2017 NASA Press Release. Dr. Anderson is of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Earlier data obtained from CIRS helped identify the presence of hydrogen cyanide ice in clouds hovering over Titan’s south pole, in addition to other poisonous chemicals in the dense, orange, smoggy blanket that characterizes the distant moon’s exotic atmosphere.


Religion and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works if you believe in God or not. It works no matter who you believe God is. For some who follow The LOA, the Universe and all that is in it is God. The Divine energy is all things and has created all things and through this energy we continue to create and expand this force. There is no death or birth of a soul but a transition to and from physical. We can never be separated from this Divine force as we are small fragments of it, holographic images of the whole. There is no punishment, hell or damnation. There is no need for salvation from sin as we were born perfect and this world is perfect as it is.

That is a lot to digest if you are from a religious background. There is one divine source from which we all come. This source is the glue that binds us all together. It is the space that fills the Universe. It is the informational conduit that communicates to our souls. No matter what your religious preference is the energies around us are the mechanical cogs that get things done. This energy is how ‘God’ moves objects and circumstances to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. All of these processes are on autopilot. They coordinate across the vast expanse of space and time to bend to our will.

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? We set the events in our lives on their mark and let them go. You can keep your faith, but you must accept the responsibility for most of what happens to you. Your choice of thoughts direct the circumstances in your life. Have your faith in God, that’s wonderful, but try to grasp this concept with the eyes of a child; God is Love. Nothing else exists but Love, when you witness anything other than that, it is merely resistance to Love. Let go of the resistance and Love will bring the situation power. Lets look at it from a scientific stand point.

When you apply strong emotion to imagination it produces electrical and magnetic potential that runs through our bodies and moves within the fluids across the membranes of our cells.

This process creates a vibrational signature that moves out of the body into the environment.

(1) Professor Hans Jenny explains that the higher the frequency of vibration, which is generated by pleasant emotions, the greater the environmental influence. Not just within the proximal location where you stand but simultaneously through the universe as a whole.

This feeling you have just produced effects other energies, cells, and DNA everywhere that has the same vibrational signature.


Rameshwaram Temple Tamil Nadu – Varanasi of South India

Surrounded by the picturesque sea in the state of Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is a popular religious island spread over an area of 61.8 square km in the shape of a conch. Apart from the natural beauty and water attractions, Tamil Nadu comprises of a number of religious shrines & pilgrimages that can wash away your sins and purify your mind and soul. Rameshwaram, an island of Lord Rama’s temple in Tamil Nadu, is one such brilliant example of these religious sites.

The prominent attraction – Ramanatha Swamy Temple – here is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture and boasts of the largest temple corridor in India. It is mandatory to visit Rameshwaram if you wish to attain Moksha. The main reason behind its popularity is the Linga Of Sri Ranganatha, which happens to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India.

Major Fascinating Features

Ramanathaswamy Temple

The lingam here is believed to be made by Devi Sita so that Lord Rama could worship for Lord Shiva, after killing the Demon King Ravana. The Rameshwaram pilgrimage has been a tradition in South India. Every element here seems to be connected with the epic Ramayana in one way or th other. The main Sanctum Sanctorum has a delicate artistry in its Vimana, different storeys, images of Lord Hanuman, Gandhamadhana Linga, Agastya Linga etc.


Located 8 km from the Ramanathaswamy Temple, Dhanushkodi is named after Rama’s bow. One can see beautiful idols of Lord Rama, Devi Sita, Lakshmana (Rama’s brother), Lord Hanuman and Vibhishana (brother of Ravana) here.


Best Espresso Machines

While there are a host of espresso machines catering to various needs and budgets in the market today, the espresso machines listed below have stood the test of time and are known for their quality and excellent espresso making ability. One can choose from a range of automatic, super-automatic and home espresso makers.

It should however be noted that making espresso depends entirely on the espresso maker, or barista, and the espresso machine is just a machine the maker uses. Espresso makers are available from $80 to $900 and above. The cost of an espresso machine usually depends on the features one wishes to have along with it.

Among the automatic versions of espresso machines, the Delonghi Magnificia Automatic Espresso machine is known for its ease of use and excellent quality in general. The Magnificia is a super automatic machine. It can prepare a variety of beverages like espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The Delonghi Magnificia uses CRF technology which makes it compact.

Making cappuccino is very easy using this machine, due to the separate milk boiling chamber and the frothing wand. The machine features separate controls for milk and water quantity, which makes it possible for one to customize the strength of the shots.

The Magnificia also has an integrated burr grinder, which grinds the coffee beans within the machine. It also has a removable boiler and a self-cleaning system which works automatically.

The Gaggia Synchrony Compact Espresso Machine is one of the most compact espresso machines available in the market. This machine combines the quality of Gaggia with the stylish finishing of an ABS plastic finishing. The machine has an ABS plastic finishing over a steel frame.

The machine has a 44 ounce tank and offers adjustable dosing. It features a top-filling removable water tank and a removable brew group. One of the most useful features of this super-automatic machine are the digital controls, which gives the barista complete control over the quantity and quality of the espresso they wish to make.